About Us

We specialize in toys that will motivate and promote skills for all children — including those who face special challenges.

Toysense Plus is an independent toy store that proudly brings over twenty years of experience offering a diverse selection of quality, hands-on toys, and books carefully chosen to encourage children’s development, creativity, and imagination!

Here, you’ll find everything from ‘fidget’ toys (to manipulate, help calm, or to improve attention), to educational games (to work on specific skills), to items for active play (to enhance gross motor skills).

We also have a unique selection of infant books, picture books, and resource books (for children and adults).

There are so many ways that ‘hands on’ toys can enhance your child’s life. As a child uses toys that engage their senses they make discoveries about themselves and their world. Their toys can encourage interaction with others, and help them learn the necessary social skills to help them get along with others – skills which they’ll need throughout their lives.

In order for children to develop their muscles and their minds they need to be actively, rather than passively, involved with real toys and things and people.

We know that technology will be an essential part of children’s lives but especially while they are young it needs to be managed very carefully and balanced with active play.

There is no substitute for ‘HANDS ON’ play.

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